Development Service

Leading technology provides Leading products. CIVINTEC provides a complete customization service based on our unique Technology Platform. To meet customer needs and personalized product & solution requirements (e.g IoT fragmentation requirement), our service offers a complete process from pre-study and specification work to a mass-produced product ready to deliver to customers.
  • 01

    Pre Study & Specification

    Pre-study to clarify requirements, select alternative solutions, defines workload, costs and time schedule, finalize specifications that describe functions and features.
    Problem Definition - Clear about the situation customer is facing and needs a solution for
    Data Collection
    Define workload
    Cost and time schedule
    Finalize specifications
    Pre Study & Specification
  • 02

    Hardware Design

    Alfa design. Hardware Development from industrial design, electronic engineering, mechanical design, PCB layout to tooling design which are adapted to the needs of required features and functions specified in Product Specifications.
    Electronic and mechanical design
    Evaluate components, mechanical materials
    ID design proposals
    PCB design
    Notify eventual technical issues to solve in an early stage of the project
    Hardware Design
  • 03

    Software Development

    Specify and provide embedded firmware software, API and SDK development.
    Embedded firmware, software, API and SDK
    Software components implementation of to the platform additional features and functions for customization
    Software Development
  • 04

    Prototype & Evaluation

    Provide prototypes for refinement of design and act as a proof of concept to get an early statement from intended user groups to improve time-to-market by minimizing the number of errors to be corrected before product release.
    Provide prototypes for refinement of design
    Proof of concept
    Prototype & Evaluation
  • 05

    In House Test & Certification

    Beta design. Evaluate function and features and design issues. Make Beta samples ready for test. Prepare samples for requested compliance and certification.
    Make Beta samples ready for field test
    Prepare samples for certification
    In House Test & Certification
  • 06

    Product Release

    Start with the small production to notify eventual productions issues, confirm the routines and specification for mass production.
    Small Production
    Mass production
    Product Release


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